New calendar for 2018 for the company "Belrus"
Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

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We work for you.

We unite with the projects not only the staff forces, but also the best performers in their field. Small private companies and corporative marketers are equally comfortable to work with an experienced partner, which announces the full range of quality services from complex web development and branding to simple business cards.


• We create really modern Internet projects for a wide variety of industries.
This is largely due to the dense and constructive interaction with customers. Diving into the specifics of the client's business, we identify really important competitive advantages (if it comes to business projects) or other key points that directly affect the user of the site. Ultimately, these actions and give a solution to the problem that is posed before the site. Regardless of how different the objectives of the resource are - detailed product demonstration or vice versa, reducing the time of communication and calling for action.
• We are ready to solve any, including the most difficult tasks, from basic trading integration to complex systems of interactions of individual modules.
• We want to be special and do not make cheap typical sites, because we are accustomed to be proud of the quality work done even for small companies and to rejoice with our customers.


• We are able to do all kinds of actual graphic design from business cards to complex structured editions.
• Our many years of experience will allow you to accurately determine the desired fonts, shapes and colors for your project. At our disposal are specialists who have a professional sense of composition and color harmony.
• At the same time, we do not forget that each of our products is not just a beautiful logo or booklet, but above all a professional tool for solving a specific problem.
• Despite the saturation of the market, we are able to come up with bright memorable names and brands, create capacious modern logos and corporate styles.
• We believe that any company, private person or institution is not only entitled, but also must represent itself with a quality design, and are always ready to help you in this.


• We do not like to throw our design to the mercy of fate, nor do we want those who turn to us for printing to blush in front of their customers. That's why we work only with trusted contractors - printing houses and agencies in Russia and abroad, equipped with the latest technology. This ensures consistently the highest quality of manufactured products.
• At your disposal are any kinds of printing and special finishes known to you. At us you for certain will find new for you, absolutely dissimilar to others, the decision of simple problems. At our disposal are specialists who have a professional sense of composition and color harmony.
• Your customers will be sure to note the high quality of our printing products and will allocate you among many competitors.
• We like to experiment and solve standard problems in a non-standard way in accordance with your goals.
• We are able to provide you with operative printing (12 hours!), Free delivery and professional, including high-altitude installation of any outdoor advertising from simple banners to complex expensive designs and signage.



9 maya St., Krasnoyarsk, Russia
+7 391 208-80-99

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